Learn How to Play Keno and Use Different Strategies

Keno is a lotterylike game that is available in most casinos. Learning how to play the game is easy, and we will be explaining that in this article. We'll also discuss what to look for when selecting a Keno Casino. Visit za-onlinecasino.org to check out some top Keno Casinos.

How to Play Keno

To play Keno, you will need to get a Keno card. The card usually contains numbers from 1 to 80. On the card, you'll mark the numbers of your choice. In most Keno games, you are allowed to mark up to twenty different numbers.

Once you've marked the numbers, a Keno machine will randomly select up to 20 numbers. If the numbers match the ones you marked, you win in the game. The payout depends on how many numbers you match. In online keno, you can check the payout information from the menu.

Popular Keno Strategies

While keno is mostly a game of luck, you can improve your chances of winning by applying some strategies. However, you should know that no strategy guarantees you a 100% win, but it will surely help you not to chase a losing streak.

Play only High RTP Keno

One strategy you can use is selecting an online Keno game with a high RTP. The RTP of a game is the percentage of all bets that players will get from the game as winning. So by playing a high RTP game, you're theoretically increasing your chances of winning.

Select More than One Number

While it can be tempting to select just one number on the keno card so that you can win big, always try to select multiple numbers up to 4. This is because the probability that you'll win by selecting only one number is low.

Bet on the Cold Numbers

Another common strategy that experienced players use is betting on consecutive numbers and cold numbers. Cold numbers are numbers that have not been selected by the Keno machine for a while. Some players also prefer to stick to their favourite number when playing Keno.

Playing Keno in Free Mode

One way you can learn how to play online keno quickly is by playing it in free mode. This way, you won't have to risk your money and you can play for a long duration. The good thing about online keno games is that everything is made easy.

Another benefit of playing free Keno is that you can test different strategies for free. It gives you the opportunity to perfect your strategies so that it will be easier for you by the time you start playing the game for real money.

Play Keno on Your Mobile Device

Most online keno games are designed to work well on mobile devices whether it is a smartphone or tablet. This gives you the flexibility of playing the game on the go. Additionally, you don't need to download an app before you can play Keno on mobile.

Choosing the Right Keno Casino

Before you choose a Keno casino, ensure that you do a thorough check on the casino's reputation. You should check the payment options supported, customer support, and the legality of the casino. This will help you have a great experience when you play the game.