Online Blackjack Frequently Asked Questions

To understand the basics of online blackjack, both newbie and seasoned casino players tend to have a plethora of questions. This article covers some of the most frequently asked questions about this popular card game. You may also visit to learn more about online casinos.

What strategies does an online blackjack player need to know before playing?

Anyone playing blackjack with a solid strategy will attest that it is one of the lowest house edge games in the casino. All you need to know is how the card dealer interacts with different points totals in your own hand. One strategy that's inevitable is to:

  1. Always hit on scores that are below 17

Many a time, the decisions you'll be required to make are easy ones. Whenever you learn of the dealer having a lower up card, you should consider standing when taking another set of card risks. Mathematically, this is correct because the dealer will bust enough of the time.

How are deposits made to, and withdrawals made from online blackjack casinos?

Casino players across the globe can use just about any payment method that is usable for the payment for goods and services online. This may include prepaid vouchers, bank transfer options, electronic wallets such as skrill and PayPal, and debit and credit cards.

Betters from the United States should, however, note that the banking restrictions that UIGEA put in place tend to narrow things down a little for them. However, such betters can still exploit the available options, such as Amex, Visa, and MasterCard to make their transactions.

How safe is playing blackjack casino online?

The United States casino industry has some of the biggest and most reputable casino brands, most of which have been operating in the United States market for decades. In our analysis using factors, such as licensure and regulation, we've come to the conclusion that playing blackjack is safe.

All the same, it is notable that despite the vast majority of casinos being safe to play at, there is a clique of casinos that exhibit some element of the rogue outfit. A good background check will help you protect yourself from being preyed on by them.

What blackjack games can be played online?

There is a wide assortment of blackjack games that a player can choose from. The basics for the selection are the European and US rules. At the start of the hand, the US rules tend to involve a dealer "peak for blackjack". The common blackjack variations are:

  • Blackjack switch
  • Blackjack surrender
  • Face-Up 21

There are also single and multi-hand games, as well as other games with side bets including those featuring jackpots. A blackjack casino online player also has an opportunity to play various live dealer games in which a croupier in a remote studio deals with the cards.

How much does an individual require to play online blackjack?

Well, there is no definite answer to this question. The much that can be spent is dependent on various variables, such as how long the person intends to play, whether or not they know the basic strategy, and the limits they want to play.

If you choose to play using the optimal blackjack strategy, the house will only have an edge of 0.5%. This would mean that the casino will collect $0.01for every $2 that you wager. You'll lose $0.025 for every $5 per hand. Playing 100 hands/hour translates to a $2.50 loss.